This Surprising Country Has the BEST Vegan Meat EVER!

Have you ever wondered what country has the best vegan meat? Surprisingly it really isn’t the USA. While this article is totally opinion based, I personally think the best vegan meat is in Iceland (and probably other Scandinavian countries) . Iceland has a active and growing progressive vegan community. From the capital to small fishing villages, you can find vegan options just about anywhere in the country. I’ve been to many countries where it’s very difficult to find vegan options in restaurants and vegan groceries, but in Iceland even in the little grocery stores you can usually find milk, cheese and yogurt made from oats (by oatly), soy, almonds and coconut and a variety of vegan meat products.

My favorite vegan meat product is made by a Scandinavian company and is not sold anywhere in the US! In the latest episode of our GlobeGetter travel series, we share our first day in Iceland and what it’s like to shop for vegan groceries.



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