Why Millennials Should Save Money and NOT Travel

Recently Grant Cardone posted a travel video on Facebook that went viral. Along with his video he states in the description, “Traveling won’t magically help you “find” yourself” and “travel is not going to solve your problems”.

Watching it as a nomadic traveling millennial, I instantly cringed with spite. How could he make such a generalization? We built our business while traveling, and attribute most of our success to the freedom to be anywhere, anytime.

I posted this video in the girls love travel community to see if other travelers found it just as cringe, or if it was just me.  I wasn’t alone. Many of the travel community found it just as annoying and obnoxious, saying “travel solves my problems!” and “I don’t care what you think Grant” and did not change their perspective on travel after watching. If anything, they felt even more passionate about their plans to explore the world in their youth!

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Me and my fiance have been traveling nomadically for 7 years, working remotely and building a few successful businesses remotely. We also have residual income from investments like real estate (airbnb businesses that make enough to cover all our travel costs). Neither of us lived “by the book”. We didn’t graduate college – as a matter of fact, I didn’t even take the SATS. Both me and my fiance dropped out to pursue our passions and two years into our relationship we were making an income, traveling all over the world and have been ever since!

I think most of our success is due to the ability to travel, connect (even travel) with clients, and the fact that we know what we are working toward. Over the past 10 years i’ve managed social media marketing campaigns, designed print/online advertising campaigns, designed billboards, created print promotional and marketing materials, designed logos/merch/branding for top influencers..

I personally feel we are living in a different era, and life is way different for us than it was four our parents (Grants generation). Even 15 years ago, you couldn’t work remotely the same way you can today. We have soooo many tools at our fingertips for learning skills and generating income. You can travel to just about any country, get a license, get a car (even getting cars instantly from car rental some companies!), and drive Uber. You could rent airbnb’s and sublease them to make an income while you travel, pick up a computer and take some classes on Lynda.com to learn how to be a professional graphic artist or video editor charging $50-$200+ hourly for services. The list goes on and on. MEANWHILE back in the States, it’s STILL tough for many highly educated college graduates to get jobs the traditional way.

So 👏 what 👏  is👏  Grant👏 talking👏 about?

Why would traveling stop anyone from success and being secure later on in life?!

Do you agree with Grant that millennials should stop traveling and go the traditional route (ie. college, get a masters, get a job, get a house, retire and then travel)?

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