7 Ways to Get Rich While Traveling the World!

Hey guys. I wanted to share some information on making money online while traveling. There are many more ways, but these are some I have personal experience with ❤️!

I just want to make it easier for people that are just starting out. Many plan to drop and sell it all to travel, others want to learn about some easy ways to work remotely primarily from the computer. There are a lot of misleading online course that just push more products. I see soo many people sharing courses on traveling and making money, and I have yet to hear of one that really gets anyone anywhere, most of them just push re-selling their program or joining their downline.

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1 – Become a freelancer! there are many sites like freelancer.com that are awesome for finding work, or even full time jobs.

2 – Own a vacation rental or sublease your rental! Most people in popular areas generate $2K+ per month. Become a host on Airbnb, you can even rent out your couch!

3- Make a YouTube channel, instagram, a blog, it may take a while to grow a following but you can do it! Host live streams, contests, create incentives for subscribing. A channel my size earns $500/video promoting products, while larger creators can earn 5-6 figures per video endorsements.

4 – Become an affiliate for stuff you love! It may seem like small change but it adds up. One of my affiliate promos generates roughly $500-$1k/month, while some of my links only make $50/month – either way it’s a bonus.

4 – Start a business – Find a manufacturer (there are sites with thousands that will bid to work with you) and white label! I know people who sell waist trainers, lashes, vitamins, hair brushes, etc. Market through social media, pay influencers to promote.

5 – Host podcasts and get paid through sites like Patreon. I personally know of people earning thousands per month as a professional podcaster!

6 – Rent out your car on sites like Turo – you don’t have to let your car sit home doing nothing, or sell it, you can make an income off it. I’ve read about some people making $1500/month per car!

7 – Get work on retainer – Become a consultant or manage social media marketing. Early on I used to get paid a monthly fee per client and had about 6 clients for social media marketing and some graphic design.. Find remote work on Remote.com



All of these methods of making income can individually make you a fortune. With many of these you can hire a manager (like “evolve” for 10% commission on vacation rentals). If you look to do all of these, and make 1k per, you’re already looking at $7K/month! The most time intensive are freelancing, working on retainer and starting your own business – but even these can be streamlined.


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