Road trip? Why not take a luxury RV?

Last year, my fiance’s father and his soon to be wife decided they wanted to take a few big trips to visit friends and family around the country.  They initially looked at flights, and realized a road trip would be best – but a RV trip would be even better. 

They started by looking at RV rentals, but decided buying would be a better option for them, as they planned to take a few trips. They did some research and found a beautiful RV. The one they purchased is equipped with two comfy front seats, a kitchen and den area, bathroom and shower, and a spacious bedroom. It can sleep up to 8 people pretty comfortably.  They put together a basic itinerary for their firsts trip and stocked it up with cookware, entertainment system, toiletries, and organizers to keep everything neat. Soon after, they they hit the road on their first 4 week adventure. They started out in NJ, head north to Chicago, down to texas, over to Mississippi, and down to Florida, visiting family and friends along the way. When they came back home, they had amazing stories, funny mishaps, and fell in love with the camper life. Me and Keith decided to join them on a little adventure to Niagara falls.  I’ve never been one for long drives, I don’t mind 2-4 hours in a car (but anything over that has always been too much for me),yet when I got into the RV, I was blown away by how comfortable it was, I could spend days in there lol. The ride was smooth and relaxing, I could eat as much as I wanted, work on my computer (with my portable wifi), and use the bathroom (win). It was so cool to be in  –what felt like – tiny house on wheels. Needless to say, I LOVED the RV experience so I started doing some research to see what kinds of options were out there to buy.

I also did some research into the rental world and was blown away at how many people make a nice additional living renting out their RV’s to travelers (as they would an Airbnb or a car rental).  Some people are earning $10,000 per year, while others are earning over $100,000. So let’s take a look at some RV’s on the market.

Here are some of my favorite RV’s and Trailers of 2017 for road trippin’:

1 – Unity by Leisure Vans: Starting at $124,000

floorplan-2 (1).png

I love Leisure Van’s vehicles. They are modern, beautiful, comfortable, spacious and luxurious. Additionally, they are highly customizable down to the finishings. They are a bit pricy –  considering it’s a depreciating asset – starting in the low $100,000’s. But if you take into account that you can save a fortune on accomodations, dining out, and bring in some income when you aren’t using it, you can make this purchase work for you.

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2 – Airstream Trailer: The Flying Cloud – Starting at $62,000

The Flying Cloud is one of Airstream’s most popular travel trailers. It boasts more floorplans than any other model, it’s a good fit for families, long-term travelers, or a weekend getaway. It’s practical, efficient and modern.  They last forever, as you have likely seen many old models still on the road. They require low maintenance, offer great stability when towing, and cost less at the fuel pump.

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3 – Safari Condo Alto R1713: Starting at $27,485

These travel trailers are lightweight and have an aerodynamic shape, making towing them easy and accessible. Their ease of use and affordability make them a fantastic starter trailer. Furthermore, the design incorporates an electric retractable roof (wow!), offering greater interior space compared to the typically quite small traditional teardrop trailers.

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So those are my favorite trailers and RV’s of 2017. There are some really luxurious and robust alternatives, I’ll save those for another blog post!

4 – Homegrown Trailers “Your Cabin on Wheels” –  Starting at $26,500

Homegrown Trailers™ are artisan, sustainable travel trailers for sale and rent. They combine the beauty and lifestyle of tiny houses with the mobility of campers, and have the feel of a “cabin on wheels”. They come fully equipped to sleep up to 4, solar powered, energy efficient appliances, 12 gallon fresh water tank, attractive design, advanced battery storage, full kitchen, and much more.

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