10 Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

Hey ladies! I hope you are having a great day today. Many of us in the north east (me) are spending saturday relaxing, watching netflix, cold, wanderlusting about summer travel. So I wanted to put together a list of tips for girls planning to travel this summer! As you can probably tell already, this list excludes super important things like – knowing where embassies are, passport protection, human trafficking prevention etc, that’s for another blog post. This actually, is just a bunch of things i’ve learned over the years that I feel could help prepare you for spring break or summer travel : )

1. It’s okay to pack light for long trips and repeat outfits, even if you think you should have a new outfit for every instagram picture. It can be more enjoyable to travel comfortably and bring versatile pieces you love, then have too much that you may not wear. Ps – This tip is good for those who want to shop for clothes while traveling, it doesn’t hurt to leave a little room in your carry-on!! 


2. Wear whatever makes you happy to the airport. Some people like to wear pajamas, sandals and socks, styled with glasses and a messy bun (me), while others like to wear suits or dresses and stilettos (i admire you!)! Nobody is judging, maybe just admiring. I admire girls that dress like super model business woman to the airport, just as I envy a girl in a super comfy outfit!

3. Every woman has their own insecurities, don’t let yours hold you back from having fun! One of the worst things you can do is “less” because you are worried about being judged about your body. Go to the beach. Jump in the ocean. Go for a bike ride. Go ziplining. We see ourselves every day, so of course we are going to be in-tune to our flaws, but truth be told – nobody else gives a shi*t! Nobody is looking at you and comparing you to the plastic bootied 1% body fat instagram babes except you. Ps – There is nothing more attractive than confidence – and seeing someone happy and having fun, living life fully. You are crazy beautiful! Know it.

4. Have confidence! If you could only see yourself through the eyes of those around you! While you might be worried about some stretch marks or cellulite, there are many people who would be happy to trade places with you based on the fact that you are sipping a cold beverage on a tropical beach! Tip – pack some swimsuit variety, bring some one pieces, high waisted bikinis, sarongs, cute beach skirts and pants, some days you’ll want to wear a bitty bikini and other days you might want to wear a wetsuit! Have fun with it. 

5. Make connections with new people often. Smile. Say hello. Make conversations at the little boutiques and cafes you pop into. It’s nourishing to connect with people, and important, especially if you are solo traveling. You never know what connections are going to become everlasting friendships. There is always room for more connection and love in our lives!

6. Things may not go as planned. It’s okay to not like every part of your trip and it’s okay for things to go wrong. Sometimes it’s part of the adventure. To be honest, without my mishaps and disasters my travel stories would be pretty boring! Remember, I almost died in a rock avalanche.

7. There is always going to be someone who seems to be doing “it’ better. Someone who seems to live with more passion and purpose, makes more money, or travels more often to cooler places. Don’t let that hold you back or make you feel jealous! These people can be your role models, learn from them! Maybe they can become your mentors, or even friends. We’re all human, just figuring this life thing out – there is something to learn from everyone. PS – someone out there is admiring your life right now, as it is : )

8. When traveling with others, be open about your travel goals. Don’t hold things in. If you are in Italy and you really want to go to Capri, but the group wants to go to Milan, speak up, this is your trip too – you’re paying for yourself.  Show some pictures of the place you want to go, give a good reason why. If your group doesn’t want to go there, go alone or split the squad. There’s nothing wrong with going off and doing your own thing for a day or two, it can be really nice after spending a ton of time with a group.



9. When going on group trips or tours, sometimes you can butt heads with people in your group. Although most of us like to avoid conflict, some people can be annoying as hell. It’s hard enough to travel with family, people you love, and not get on eachothers nerves – let alone a bunch of random strangers. Add some humidity, hosteling, hunger, or a few hours on a bus and it can get real uncomfortable real quick. Just do your best to find your own inner peace, remember why you chose to take the tour, and try to not let anyone get in the way of your fun.

10. If you have a travel partner, try to be respectful of each other’s time. Remember your are not your travel partners personal photographer, and they are not yours  (unless you both would like to be, and enjoy it! Which I actually do). It can be annoying to have someone ask you to take a picture of them every other minute especially when they don’t give photo credit (tisk tisk), and take crappy pictures of you when you ask.  So to set up for success, make it fun for eachother! Plan photoshoots, get dressed up, show your friend how to use your camera and let them know what kind of shot you are looking for, give them photo credit, and ask for the same. This way, you both are building your travel-blogging brands and cross promoting each other : )

Bonus: If photography is your thing, make a shot list! From what i’ve learned (from my solo traveling award winning photographer grandma), having a shot list is everything! If you don’t know where to start, head over to pinterest.  This way you will know what shots you need ahead of time, and of couse, you can always leave some room for new discoveries. 


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