How to Travel to Iceland for under $220 RT!

Iceland is one of the hottest (semi-chilly) travel destinations. Who doesn’t want to see the northern lights, walk inside a glacier cave, watch a geysir explode, snowmobile on over a volcano or swim in the blue lagoon?!

Contrary to popular belief, traveling to Iceland is pretty damn cheap and easy!

Budget airline WOW Air often sells $99 one-way tickets from Boston International and Newark airport! For this summer, they will be around $110 each way!

If you want this deal  – here is a link to google flights, click the dates to make changes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 2.29.46 PM.png


Although these deals are pretty easy to come by throughout the year, when it comes to summer, finding a discounted flight can be tough. So if you think you’ll want to go to Iceland this summer, I suggest booking as soon as you can.

According to The Points Guy, travel dates are scattered from April through June, with the most affordable tickets to Reykjavik available on trips departing from Boston.

I’ve seen spring – fall flights departing from Boston Logan International Airport for little as $100 one-way, or $220 round-trip.

But keep in mind, Iceland will be really busy from June to late August. So if you have some flexibility, and want the mild gorgeous weather and lush green terrain, I suggest going late august through mid september. If you travel slightly off peak, you can likely pop on any tour without having to register months in advance, get a great rental car deal and a cheap Airbnb!!

This is the Airbnb we rented, only $129 and right on the golden circle route!


Speaking of Airbnb here is a $40 discount!

Baltimore and NYC based travelers can fly to Reykjavik for $290 round-trip in May and June. And for flights originating on the West Coast, the deal is even better: $260 round-trip tickets from both San Francisco and LA late April! WOW!

NOTE: Keep in mind WOW Air has STRICT carry-on bag policies, charging more for large bags exceeding 22 pounds. Buy your checked bags in advance to save!

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